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Injuries Caused by Pokémon Go

Chances are that most people have heard of the new game Pokémon Go. The popular smartphone application has come under fire as players who are engaged in the game have been causing accidents around the nation. Car accidents, robberies, and slip and fall injuries have all resulted as an unexpected consequence of gameplay. In one instance, a Baltimore man crashed his Toyota RAV4 into a police cruiser while distracted by the game. There is no accurate way of estimating the number of unreported injuries, but it is safe to assume that they have occurred. While no deaths have occurred due to gameplay, if this trend continues, it may only be a matter of time before tragedy strikes.

The Dangers of Pokémon Go

While mobile games are nothing new, the surge in accidents due to Pokémon Go have left many to wonder what makes this particular game unique and problematic. In Pokémon Go, unlike traditional games, players control their in-game avatar by physically walking around in the real world. The game tracks player movement using the GPS system inside of smartphones and a user’s location is synched with google maps data. The game creates an augmented reality environment which can cause enough of a distraction to hinder a player’s ability to safely navigate their environment.

Pokémon Go is intended to be played while walking, however, that has not stopped some users from opening the game while behind the wheel. A driver is at a greatly increased risk for accidents when a visual, audio, or cognitive stimuli diverts attention from the road and the game is able to distract a driver in every respect of the word. Distracted driving has been such an issue that game developers, Niantic, have added several warnings against using the game while operating a vehicle. Upon entering the game, players must acknowledge these warnings before they are allowed to play. Despite the dangers, accidents continue to be reported.

Injured Due to a Distracted Pokémon Go Player?

Accidents due to distracted drivers are nothing new and if you have been injured through no fault of your own, you may be able to seek monetary compensation. When another individual acts negligently, you should not be made to pay the price. I have decades of experience as a Portland personal injury attorney and have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for past clients. When you are ready to take legal action, do not hesitate to contact my firm.

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