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Verdicts & Settlements

Oregon's legal system is geared to provide a person injured through the fault of others with a fair, speedy, and cost-effective solution. Yet insurers may deny, delay, and defend claims in an effort to increase their profits. They want injured claimants to dry up and blow away -- and many people who lose their jobs and have bills to pay and need somebody in their corner. Our goal is to settle for a fair, top-quality amount, considering costs, benefits and timing. Mediators and settlement judges can help resolve disputes. If the case can't be settled despite our best efforts, we take it to trial.
    • Assault Injury $1,200,000

      Court trial, hip broken by assailant causing permanent injury.

    • RV Crash Injury $780,000

      Litigation and settlement of claim for RV crash injury caused by bad driver on icy road resulting in multiple surgeries.

    • Swimming Pool Injury $740,000

      Arbitration in case of lack of safe gate at swimming pool, causing brain injury to child.

    • Wrongful Death $600,000

      Wrongful death settlement on behalf of homicide-victim’s family. When a neighborhood dispute over fast cars led to an argument and a death by gunfire, the victim’s family retained Tim Grabe to handle their claim against the shooter. After a year of litigation, Tim was able to force the shooter’s homeowner’s insurer to pay its policy limits to settle the claim. This case helped a widow with her need to pay bills for the rest of her life.

    • Wrongful Death $500,000

      Wrongful death settlement of a litigated case against highway contractors and trucking company, where a highway in eastern Oregon was under construction, and an improperly-signed section of the highway created a traffic jam. An elderly gentleman was killed when a large truck careened through the traffic jam and struck him, causing his death. A year-and-a-half of litigation led to a settlement that benefited the gentleman’s grieving family.

    • Heavy Equipment Driver Injury $450,000

      Settlement for heavy equipment driver with leg fractures caused by driver who pulled out without looking.

    • Parking Lot Injury $370,000

      Jury verdict for parking-lot crush injury to customer after store put dangerous obstacles in pathway of cars.

    • Motorcycle Injury $300,000

      Central Oregon jury verdict and fees for motorcyclist struck by uninsured driver.

    • Sexual Abuse Victim $280,000

      Jury verdict for sex abuse of disabled woman at care facility.

    • Contractor Fall $120,000

      Litigation and settlement for worker who fell through uncovered skylight after contractor broke OHSA rules.

    • Worker's Injury $101,000

      Trial verdict for factory worker's crush injury caused by collapse of stone-cutting table.

    • Wrongful death $100,000

      Wrongful death settlement for a pedestrian’s family after the pedestrian was killed by hit and run driver following an Oregon State University football game. Tim was able to settle the victim’s family’s claim against the bad driver when it appeared that the driver was looking at his cell phone rather than focusing on the roadway. This case was a sad reminder of the tragic results that can occur when drivers are distracted by their electronic devices. The victim’s family has established a college fund that will benefit farmers and the environment.

    • Maritime $70,000

      A $70,000 jury verdict for a small maritime salvage and diving company that performed emergency underwater diving to prevent a sinking ship from taking out a dock that was in danger from a flood.

    • Car Accident $54,000

      Jury verdict for culinary teacher hurt in car crash resulting in permanent difficulty doing her job.

    • Child Injury $35,000

      Trial to force insurer to pay for injury caused by child-care worker.

    • Maritime Multi-Million

      A multi-million dollar award for a maritime salvage and diving company that rescued the infamous Exxon Valdez oil tanker that ran aground in Alaska; Tim’s diver clients patched up the Exxon Valdez and winched it off the reef, preventing further oil damage to the environment.