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You Can’t Win Them All

My name is Timothy Grabe, and I am a personal injury attorney in Portland, Oregon. I have never seen a case that I was too afraid to take on, for I know that my clients need me to stand up and fight for their rights when they cannot. I am proud to say that I have taken on some of the most complicated cases for the people I represent, including two prior legal malpractice jury trials that resulted in my clients being awarded more thanten times the highest pretrial settlement offer made by their insurers.

I am also honest, first and foremost, and I have to say that my winning streak of six jury trials in a row has been broken by another legal malpractice case in November 2015. Malpractice cases are notoriously difficult, and statistics show that insurers win a great majority of these cases that do go to trial. But I believe there is a real lesson to be learned from this case.

My client had previously gone to another lawyer for a personal injury case that did not pan out as planned; the attorney paid himself in full, leaving the client with scraps and ahuge unpaid hospital bill. The hospital consequently sued my client and won their own case.

My client then came to me for assistance, looking to sue their first lawyer for legal malpractice, only the evidence was not in their favor. The agreements that they signed upon retaining the legal advocacy allowed the attorney to behave in such a way, and the court could not label something that was distasteful as malpractice.

Learning from the Past and Pressing Onward

The lesson, I believe, is that it can really be a legal jungle out there. One lawyer might behave in a way that is arguably abhorrent to their clients and others in the legal community but still operate fully within the law. To anyone who is looking to retain legal services, I encourage you to beware of scams and always fully research your attorneys. Look for someone with years of experience and victories, numerous accolades, and plenty of client testimonials.

Even though my winning streak is broken, my spirit is not, and I am always looking to help the people in my community in any way I can. If you have a personal injury case that you would like handled by a trustworthy and skillful attorney, call971-645-7176 and ask me about free consultations and contingency fees. In some cases, you can retain my services for zero dollars upfront and zero dollars out of your own savings, and I only get paid a fair percentage of any winnings I earn you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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