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Portland Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > General > How Can I Tell if Elder Abuse has Occurred?

How Can I Tell if Elder Abuse has Occurred?

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect has become a prevalent problem throughout the U.S. in recent years. When a family makes the decision to place their loved one under the care of a third party, they should not have to worry about the level of treatment that will be provided, but it seems that all too often, incidents of elder abuse are being brought to light. For this reason, the Law Offices of Timothy Grabe thought that is was important to address this pressing issue. First and foremost, individuals that have loved ones being cared for by a nursing home staff or a personal caregiver should understand what types of abuse most commonly occur. Additionally, it is important to stay informed about what warning signs may indicate such abuse.

Elder abuse can take shape in a variety of forms, including physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the elderly are more vulnerable to this type of injustice because of their fragility, their dependency on others for day-to-day care and their inability to fight back when necessary. Many times, abused individuals are also unwilling to come forward with this information and/or file a report with the proper authorities. For this reason, it is imperative for all family members to be aware of the dangers that their loved one might be facing. When dealing with instances of physical or sexual abuse, the warning signs may be obvious—including fresh bruises, abrasions, sprains and broken bones, etc.

These signs should be addressed immediately, although it is advised that you do not start your investigation by making unfounded accusations. Instead, it may be a good idea to speak to your loved one in a comfortable setting or to consult with a lawyer about what action you can take. When dealing with emotional abuse, however, the indications may be much more subtle. You may notice that the victim has had an abrupt change in behavior, that they show signs of fear when around a certain caregiver or that they have been steadily losing weight. If you have noticed any of these sudden changes, it is important that you do not disregard them. Without concrete evidence, you may want to tread lightly, but you should not hesitate to involve an experienced attorney.

By contacting a Portland personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Timothy Grabe, you can trust that these matters will be addressed in a timely manner. Our firm has years of experience in handling a variety of elder abuse cases, so you should not hesitate to tell us about your concerns today. Call our office immediately to take advantage of a complimentary consultation.

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