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Third-Party Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Oregon

Are you entitled to more than workers' comp benefits?

If you were injured on the job by someone other than your employer or if your injuries were sustained from a product or motor vehicle, you may be able to receive compensation. On top of your normal workers' compensation, third-party compensation claims can be made against manufacturers, cities, or any other company that allowed a condition to exist that resulted in your injury. These benefits can be tricky to navigate, and the laws governing them may be hard to understand. The skilled Portland personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Timothy Grabe can help you navigate your claim to fight for the full recovery you deserve.

Process of Filing a Third-Party Workers' Comp Claim

Third-party workers' compensation claims are generally filed separate from the workers' compensation that is provided by your employer. You may also be able to receive damages for an injury if it was sustained while you were driving on a road as a part of your job and were involved in an accident. Industrial accidents and dangerous construction sites are the largest source for third-party workers' compensation claims, but any occupation may hold hazards. If you are unsure if you have a valid claim, it is important to contact our firm.

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Diligence and experience are important qualities to look for in your attorney. At the Law Offices of Timothy Grabe, you can receive the counsel of a personable and reliable Portland personal injury attorney who has over 35 years of experience. We have helped countless clients receive the compensation they deserve following an accident and may be able to help you as well. We approach each case as a unique claim, as unique as the individuals involved.

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