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Injuries Caused by Manufacturing Defects

Many product liability cases arise due to product design defects that have led to serious injuries. Examples of product design defects include car models that are prone to rollovers, electric blankets that can cause electric shock, and toys that pose a choking hazard, among a multitude of others.

Manufacturing defects are similar to design defects in that they can inflict harm on the consumer; however, the product is flawed due to an error in the manufacturing process not an error in the original design of the product. Examples of manufacturing defects include brakes that do not function and contaminated food or drugs.

When a corporation does not ensure that it is providing a safe product to consumers, serious and catastrophic injuries can be the tragic outcome, with innocent people suffering severe injuries or death. With over 35 years of trial experience, Law Offices of Timothy Grabe have helped numerous people recover full compensation for damages in cases of faulty or defective products. We understand how much a serious injury can impact your life and the lives of your family members. With a highly trained and professional counsel, the legal issues surrounding your claim can be managed correctly.

We have extensive experience handling difficult insurance claims and in dealing with commercial insurance companies that are seeking to reduce the value of a valid injury claim. We know the difficulties involved in a manufacturing defect case, and we take action to protect the rights of the injured. Our personal injury attorneys have been helping clients with product liability claims since 1983 and we will do whatever necessary in order to pursue the best possible case outcome.

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When these products are defectively manufactured, an innocent consumer can suffer serious or fatal injuries. An attorney is needed to immediately gather and preserve the evidence pertaining to your case. Whether your case involves an auto product, toy, tool, medication or other consumer product, our firm has the ability to manage your case professionally.

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