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Texting While Driving in Portland

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Just in the last few years, texting while driving has become one of the most prevalent traffic violations across the country. While many states have already placed new distracted driving laws in place, Oregon is one of the few that is still actively working to augment its statutes and bring harsher and harsher penalties to those caught using a mobile device while driving.

In light of these staunch laws and even tougher legislation on the horizon, many accidents are still occurring due to texting while driving. Even after lawmakers raised the maximum fine to $500 in 2009, the number of cell phone and mobile device accidents only initially dropped before beginning to climb again.

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If you were injured in an accident in which the other driver was texting while driving—or in any way was unlawfully using a mobile device while at the wheel—you need to hold that driver accountable. At the Law Offices of Timothy Grabe, our attorney has guided countless injury victims to settlements they deserve.

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What constitutes texting while driving?

Oregon statute § 811.507 outlines the parameters for not only texting while driving, but any usage of a mobile device while behind the wheel. It makes exceptionally clear the circumstances in which devices can be used behind the wheel.

Distracted driving law is defined by:

  • Any driver talking on a cell phone
  • Any driver texting on cell phone
  • Any driver browsing the web with their cell phone
  • Any driver under 18 using a "hands-free device"

The notable exception here is drivers over 18 with hands-free devices. Under current statutes, this is allowed and not considered "distracted driving" while using a mobile device.

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There's no excuse for texting while driving, or any illegal use of technology while operating a vehicle. "Everybody does it," or "it was just at a red light" doesn't cut it: lives are at stake and even minor injuries are an inexcusable result for someone else's negligence on the road.

If you or a loved one have been harmed or financially burdened by a driver who was texting behind the wheel, then you need the representation of a seasoned and aggressive Portland car accident lawyer. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

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