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How We Work: The Team Approach

Each personal injury case is different, but at the Law Offices of Timothy Grabe, we like to follow a team approach. When we take clients on, we often bring in expert analysts to assess their long-term losses, such as earning capacity, quality of life and medical treatment plans. We only use analysts with integrity. Their insights can carry weight with arbiters, judges, and juries. We've worked with some specialists for years. We form a team. This gives us the edge we need when fighting against a large, well-funded insurance group or corporation.

We try to negotiate fair settlements for our clients. Trials can be long, expensive and unpredictable, and we prefer settlement if the insurer is realistic. When the insurer isn't being reasonable, though, we'll take our case to court, where we have a good track record: our recent trial verdicts total well over two million dollars. That being said, big insurance companies win their share of trials, also – often against unprepared clients. When preparing for trial, we may assemble a separate team of professionals.

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Put a Team of Experts in Your Corner

Depending on the case, this can include an investigator for background, a nurse or independent doctor to analyze medical facts, a computer tech to build visual presentations, an accident reconstruction engineer, and sometimes a vocational rehabilitation counselor or economist. We may also work with a legal guardian, in catastrophic cases, who oversees the victim's medical finances in the years to come. Our fees from this work can be paid by the hour, or on a contingent fee basis. We typically don't get paid unless you do. At the Law Offices of Timothy Grabe, personal injury cases receive the attention, and results, they deserve.

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